Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Life: In PUO

Its been years since i didn't update this blog. I've been busy continue my study. My result for spm wasn't good enough. Somehow i managed to get into polytechnique. Puo, politeknik Ungku Omar Ipoh. Alhamdulillah, thankyou Allah for this oppurtunities. Ayah, mama, n to all my dearest people on earth, i'll try my best to achieve my dream, and be a good person. See, i've failed my spm, but i won't give up, i wanna give the best for my parents and to those people who wanted see me succeed. I don't wanna dissapoint anybody anymore. Alhmadulillah, my pointer for sem1 was beyond my expectation. Dean list, but its only for sem1, yet i can see a lil smiling in my parents heart. :) but this is not the end. I know Allah is testing me. I should've maintain the pointer every sem in order to achieve what i've been wanting all these while. Study abroad. My parents would dream the same. So readers, please pray for my succeed.. not only here, but hereafter. So, life in PUO was nice. You wouldn't feel stress like in the Uni life. As long as you enjoyed studying, it will be extremely awesome. I live with Nadshaa. My friend since high sch(seratas) but in sem 2, theres Fatin (johorean), Ira and Zati (penangites). So far we're good and can fit in other. Whereas in my class, there's 4 girls n 34 boys. Zu, sarah, n vinaasha were good mates. They were kind n may be very helpful sometimes :D i love being with them. I got a few crush too. Hihi. We'll talk about it later ok? I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight lil small world ^^

Friday, 15 February 2013


Know what? I just finished stalking a student from a girls SBP. Yeahh. How I wish I was in that school :( and how I wish I was still in an all-girls-school like Convent. If you weren’t in one of the girls school, you better don’t talk negative things about ‘em ! I MISS CONVENT !

Its not that I’m not grateful being in SERATAS.. I was. But at some times I felt like a little-eenie-meenie regret of not choosing the girls school  (such as SSP, SESERI, TKC, STF)  well you know, a boarding school of all-girls-school. I’m pretty sure it’s a way lot of fun !  truthly said that I am jealous of that girl, she was in SSP. And her school was damn nice ! and they are so enjoying their life there. You know, in a mix school there’s a limit of everything. We can’t having our CRAZY TIME for no reasons. why? Because we have boys in our school ! what did the girls do? Con con con.. -.- sometimes I felt tired of this, I want freedom. I get jealous seeing boys get their fun-doing-crazy-things with their friends. ==” (that’s a fact of mine. I felt like wanna join them but I was a girl. and I MUST BEHAVE.)

MAMA, I’M JEALOUS :( I wanna be in that kind of school.. but somehow I’m still grateful of being in SERATAS. In facts, I had experienced and having so much-fucking-time in CONVENT ever since I was in standard 1 untiiiiiiiillll form3. thanks a lot convent :) you taught me a lot of things! And so were the students. And I have a good relationship with other different races, One Malaysia babe ! :* we celebrate every festivals. We get to know diff. races through their festivals, that’s why we RESPECT EACH OTHERS. :)

Here, I wanna say “I am proud of being HALF CONVENT-girls and HALF SERATAS-ian :D” –tq- 

SERATAS-ian :)

CONVENT girls :)

i may have change, but my memories don't :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

its about FEELINGS...

Hye there :)

Yesterday (13/2) was a chaos… There was a little conflict on Twitter and but today I’m glad everything has settled. :)

Today at 6.35 p.m. Syarifah came to my house. What we did was sharing stories. I told her about what had happened that night. And she shared hers too. She said,

“Dalam hidup ni ada 3 benda yang berbeza. Suka, Cinta & Sayang.

i.                   Suka – perasaan suka sama suka tak sekuat perasaan cinta & sayang. Suka sama suka. Itu normal. Semua orang pernah ada crush..
ii.                 Cinta – family love, platonic love or true love? Tapi cinta pun tak sekuat perasaan sayang. Kita akan kahwin dengan orang yang kita cinta suatu hari nanti. Kalau ada jodoh tak kemana. So ape perlu takut? Itu semua takdir.
iii.              Sayang – sayang ialah perasaan yang sangaaatt kuat. Yaa, kita sanggup lepaskan orang yang kita sayang demi untuk lihat dia bahagia :’) namun, perasaan sayang ni takkan hilang.. ”

Now, thanks Syarifah for all these explanation. Not all people can understand us. Only certain matured guys will understand. But at least, try!

And my feelings towards number 3 is the 1st. the feelings of number 2 & 3 were still not there. Perhaps sooner or later, depends on our faith. All I can say, its still a long journey to go. Am I right? So, at this time, let us be friends but special than friends but not a couple :) Thanks for all your kindness all these while. I’m grateful to know you ><

For my angels, I have the feeling of the 3rd  for you. IDK, it suddenly came across my heart that night when I cry. Remember? Its not my intension to cry.. but.. it suddenly drop. -.- but here I wanna say, I’m happy to see you happy, in the other hand I’m sorry for causing you trouble all these while. Unlucky you to meet me :’D Haha. Honestly said that I don’t wanna forget you. Please, that’s all. thanks for being my not-just-a-friend.

Lastly.. people, PLEASE THINK POSITIVE. And think before you talk. Everyone deserve a happy life.. live while we’re young guys ! and please don’t ask unrelevant question. May god bless you :) 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A year in SERATAS.

On the 31st January 2013, I’m officially 1 year stayed in SERATAS. I admit last year I’m so sick of staying here, in SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah. It was absolutely opposite  to Convent. I felt like I was locked in a cage ! no freedom ! >< and got certain time I felt like, “why I was here? If I was still in convent, I can do this, do that,… and bla, bla, bla…” and that moment when I miss all of my friends in convent. I miss my nines, my prefects friends, my super-duper-sporting-friendly seniors, my outgoing teachers and all of my friends ! seriously, they are so cool ! and I miss chit-chatting with my non-muslims friends.. L phei phei, bee yin, lian mei, tharishine, limau, thillai, leong, theva, asther and Kristal ! oh myy, I miss you guys so much ! >< I miss speaking and making punchline with them. [ in seratas, if you’re speaking, there will be so krukk krukk’ -.- typical seratas students ]

The Speaker’s Corner. I was the vice pres. and Nizar was the president. We must make sure everyday there is a person standing on the small stage and talk in front of the public during recess. Unfortunately, all of our work was useless! They did not support our effort of making seratas students can speak in English well and makes seratas stand as the same level as mckk, star, ssp, tkc and others. Why they can but seratas can’t? why? We are in the SBP too, We are intelligence too. But when it comes to English, why they are so scared of speaking it? Come on lah, you don’t have to be shy! You don’t have to care all those sarcasms. WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES ! ><
Okayy, that’s all about the creeping Speaker’s Corner . I felt like wanna burn it down to the core.

Now, welcome to the Senior Year!  I can’t believe I’m in the Form 5 right now XD omg omg ! Hahaha. So far, our relationship with form4 lama was good enough. In fact, we had that dumb streaming class made by mdm principal -.- (kejora, zuhrah, suria, musytari, waruna and Neptune) everyone hate that shitt streaming class you know! >< but nevamind, there’s many pros of streaming class actually. I was in 5 neptune and Alhamdulillah so far we are unite. Our class are the most incredible, happening, cool and of course, NAUGHTYYY  XD lol. The noisiest class of all. Hua3. ya lah, you can see, we have the KP, KB, prefects, mpp, librarians and others. I am pretty sure, 5 neptune will succeed like others too. insyaAllah~ please pray for us. 

New Task!

PRS. Pembimbing rakan sebaya. Ohh I love this part. Last year I went for the interview to become one of the PRS (before I become the mpp) thank god I got it ^^ together with Aini Puasa, Wafi, Hazwani Amir, and Abe :D this year, we have to conduct the Orientasi for form1 and form4 baru. But mostly form1 lah. Oh myy, I’m so excited ! 2 weeks man! And we were playing with the form1 ^^ I’m so free of stress. Hewhew.  They are soooo cute! But the thing is, when it comes to malam bakat, I have to conduct Rajawali. Before this, azril, shida and bella, but now, only me, wafi and shida left. How are we going to conduct the mischievous group of all! >< what a chaos -..- in the end, we got the last place :’( sob3. and I feel so bad~ cause last year we were the champion, but this year? Ohh, is it my fault? :O I’ve done my best… hermm :/ forget bout that, now everyone are happy and everytime I met them, I’ll throw out a big smile :D so are they ! way to go aimi ! HA-HA. I loooooovvveeeee being with them ! :)

we are going for a walk ! weeeee~ ^^
me, aini n mira with haziq kutty in the bus (so k.p.c) :P hehe

Orientasi form1 . a visit to Hutan Paya Bakau.
doing the 'Tarian Jagung!' from left: dayah, qistina, me, aini, mieha, J !
the PRS team ! together with ustaz moh and cik zahirah.

a visit to the Perak Museum ! 
me and aini and a few form1 student heading to Bukit Larut!
we seems to be more excited than they are :P hehe. 
here comes the panda! (faiz azizi, the green coloured shirt) :P
[why am i 'menyerongin' like that -..-]
we are the PRS SUCA SUCA :D
from left : azril, me, dayah, mieha, J, shida, mira & najmi laying on the floor. 

MPP. Majlis perwakilan pelajar or Student Representative Council(SRC) . This is my priority. At first, I don’t really wanna join this b’cause its under Cikgu Roslan. Besides, the teachers and students respect LDP more than MPP. So, I am totally not interested at first. but, aini, piqa, nad and engku ask me to join the mpp. They said I can win one of the chairs. But I not yet decided which chairs I should take? There were high committee and the five excos. (exco media n hubungan luar, akademik, kebudayaan, kebajikan and sukan) I was about to choose exco media dan hubungan luar, but then engku said I should take the hi-com. He knew I will win if I take the vice-secretary. So, I agree to try my luck on vice-secretary. My secretary is Haikal Aziz. Hermm, I’ve going trough the election and Alhamdulillah, I win J thanks to those who support too ! so, here, I wanna say, I WILL DO MY VERY BEST TO REPRESENT THE STUDENTS AND SERATAS . tq J

#P/S : my BIGGEST task was to get 9A for SPM ! ><

Monday, 12 March 2012



I am a ‘bird’ who continue my migration into this school . well, I was new here so I can’t say much about this school .

On my opinion, of course Convent Taiping is better . in fact , last year (2011) it become the best CONVENT SCHOOL among all the convent school in Malaysia just because of the PMR result . hermm ...

unfortunately, it was PMR . when it comes to SPM , its different . SCHOLARSHIP . MARA, JPA, ?  they r looking forward to SBP n MRSM students . all of these MRSM n SBP students were already given advantages to get those scholarship whether MARA nor JPA . they all will be sending to a university .
its not that other ordinary-not-a-boarding-school  won’t be able to get those scholarship .. they will get a scholarship but they must be top among the rest .

so, be grateful if you get the chance to be an SBPians .
its not about how good the school is , its about how do you expressing yourself in that school .

for me, I am grateful I got seratas eventhough its not as good as the elite school like MCKK, STAR, STF, TKC, SSP, ALAM SHAH, SDAR n so on .. but, as long as it is a SBP . and yet I got many advantages staying here . because,…..

1.   you can reach my house if you drive for about 15 minutes . (that means every week I can go back home . but get back in sch before 6p.m.)
2.   the hostel is nice (not as bad as semesti ofc)
3.   the students can accept me so far . (especially the juniors . most r friendly)
4.   my prayers were under control . InsyaAllah i won’t miss my pray . hehe  
5.   most of the teachers r ‘guru cemerlang’ in their own subject . so, I get some of the benefits there .

Therefore, i’ll try to learn to be independent n learn how to appreciate people around us . so, don’t hate me when I was in that school . beside, please pray the best for me . ok? thanks :’)


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Forget Me Not :')

Yesterday, starting at 10 – 12.30 p.m. I locked myself in my room . guess what am I doing ?

Sitting on my bed and crying alone T^T . I was thinking about convent friends n teachers n also not to forget, SIBLINGS ! yaa, the vid that were made by EMYRA IZZATY made me broke into tears ~

Suddenly, I got a new text from Mr. Nobody . he said all the best in a new school ..
dear mr. nobody, I can’t bare to lose you from my life . seriously ! i’m scared, what if you’ll forget me ? I don’t care if you wanna go for that girl, I don’t have the right to stop you . it just that I CAN’T EASILY FORGET YOU . that’s all . :’)