Saturday, 31 December 2011

Azam Tahun Baru

Guess what today is 1st January 2012 ! say hi to the new year ! yeahh !

2011 was a great year to me . I’ve been through sweetest memories, sadest moment, complicated time .. but for me I got the sweetest moment over the sadest moment . what a life ! XD alhamduillah ~

but I’m hoping this year would be better than those years . InsyaAllah ~ let the past years be historical to us, forget those sadest thing, remember the memorable time :)

What to do, its all faith ~ takdir ~ terime je laa seadanye . learn from the mistake . :D

Hm, azam thun baru ? well, just like other students wish for . BELAJAR RAJIN-2 n MAKE MY PARENTS PROUD :) n try not to DISOBEY their order .. (like I did before) be more PATIENCE ! last but not least … never couple until SPM . THINK STUDY ! hehe , yaa, I don’t want, I won’t repeat the same mistake .
Its not that I wanna wait for someone or what ok ! hm, jodoh ditangan Tuhan , I don’t give a dang la kalau kau nak ambik or rampas dye pon . (I do care, but uh, WHATEVER ~)
up to you all la nk ckp ape pon , biar la aku jelous korang cple sweet-2 ke, janji aku takkan cple . hua3 . XD unless lah kalau zayn malik ajak cpl kann ? :P miahaha (OFC NO)

Ok-2 that’s all . hm, I wanna apologize if I did something that you don’t like, hurt your feelings, offended you .. I’m so sorry .
You know, NOBODY’S PERFECT . so, let us forgive n forget ok ? love ya :)

Last Day of 2011


I have ended my 2011 with my family . indeed, my friends did asking me out . but family come first before friends right ? so just obey them :) we went to ipoh . shopping lorh . haha .

Ok motif, nak cari school bag je . HAHA . hm, boring kot pakai Body Glove . pergi mane-2 hnye body glove . so, that’s why I try to find something yg lain dri yg lain . hehe ..

Firstly pergi Ipoh Parade, then pergi JJ . memang year-end  sale .>< blouse, trousers, kasut sume, adoiyy . (sabar aimi, sabar . yg penting brg skolah dulu.) Kumpul duit, insyaAllah cuti 2012 boleh melancong UK or Australia rumah Aunty Ana . tapi Brunei must come first ! HAHA .

Ok, time beli beg skolah, I normally like to go shopping with my dad , cus he likes to give opinion n choose the best for me . if my mum, only the words “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT” herm -.-

Dkt kedai converse tu, tgh choose bag, then my dad n my bro said yg biru tu smart . but I prefer kelabu . (2 choice only -.-) then, tetibe anak-2 murid my dad dtg , diorang sembang-2 la .. aku duduk mcm patung ja .. bakal doctor syiall !

“kitorang 2012 blajar kat india coach, ambik medic” my dad rep “haiyerr, xde tempat lain ke.. bla bla bla .. eh, btw, mane lagi ok? Biru or kelabu ?”   serentak diorang ckp the GREY one ! hoho . Ayah, I win ! gosh! Budak MC tolong pilih beg, whataya expect . heheh . sbb tu suke jln dgn ayah . time pegi MidValley tu pun same, bakal Engineer , abg apek baru balik dari UK blanje makan . tapi I taknak . so, dye blanje ayah je . grrr ~ segan actually . dah la abg apek tu handsome ! auwhh ~ :3

Tapi anak murid yg best skali abg syaz lah !
Sorry, dah melalut ke mne dah ni . hehe, okok, Happy New Year Everyone ! XD

Friday, 30 December 2011

I Know She's BETTER Than Me :[

guess what song is this :

You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesnt get your humour like I do

I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself
Hey isnt this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
You say you find I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see? 
You belong with me

Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Actual Reason

Hye guys . nak tahu tak actual reason kenape saya semangat, speret nak pegi boarding school ? à

·       For my goodness sake . solat cukup, tak wasting time online nor watching tv, study-3, makan pun kenyang, tidur lena punyaa, most important BERDIKARI . that’s wht my family want all these while . hihik .

·       My mum ask to . as I said, she wants to see me bcome a better person :)

·       Experience . I’ve heard many ppl said that it was totally fun staying there . we are surrounded by a bunch of good friends :3

·       Quarrel . when I’m there, I don’t have to quarrel with my nasty little brotha XD but I don’t give a dang !

·       Lastly, ACTUALLY, I wanna be far away from him . I don’t know why but .. erhh . let it be .. I just dunno how to explain,  but deep inside my heart it says “u better take TKC so u can be FAR FAR AWAY from him :’)” I’m sorry , ilysdm but it has to be . herm :/ i hope u'll be happy with your SCANDAL . kbye .

Ok . forget bout it .. atleast I got 2-3 months staying at CONVENT ! yayyy ! XD

mama .

Happy Birthday Mama :)

28/12/2011 – I almost forgot that today is my mother’s birthday . haiyoo ~ aimi aimi . >< haha . but nvm . usually we didn’t celebrate it today . we celebrate it with akmal (3/1) n khairy (7/1) . so, let just wait for your present k mama?  hehe .
I didn’t decide yet what to give actually , but I wanna something meaningless .

hm , anyway, I know the meaningless thing that u wanted from me was a SUCCESS !  indeed I gt that result for you . and u want me to go to a boarding school n ya, I agree with that . but I can’t make up my mind which boarding sch to go . :/ so, whatever your choice, I follow :) for goodness sake right ?

ok mama, emy akn blajar rajin-2 , tak kesah skolah mane pun . I know STF will burden you , besides, we didn’t hve any relatives nor we can’t afford duit minyak every week ape sume kan ? its ok, I understand . I want the best for me n you . that’s all . :’)

do me a favor, kalau emy msuk mrsm taiping, or wherelse near, mama no need lah dtg stiap minggu tau ? mcm mama slalu tgk abg ngah kt koleq tu ..
hehe, thanks :D I LOVE YOU MAMA <3”

teluk batik :)
at Bubba Gump Sunway Pyramid :D
at Mid Valley, christmas time ..
kenduri kenduri :3

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hello people :)

Hmm , I am totally doubt ><  tak decide lagi nak pergi boarding school mane next year ! gosh , its hard to make decision .. cus I’m scared, what if I made the wrong decision ? waaaaa ~ I’m dead -.-

Huhu , mum says “you gotta choose between MRSM Taiping or
  TKC Tunku Kurshiah di negeri Sembilan (jadi org nogori pulak den. Hehe :B ) “ tapi actually saya nak pergi STF . Sekolah Tun Fatimah di Johor . but mum says, its too far ! ok lah tu , boleh outing ke Singapore skali . hoho XD

Herm , anyway , SAYANG nak tinggalkan CONVENT setelah … darjah1 , darjah2, darjah3,… 9 TAHUN BERSAMA ! wahh ~ girlfriend ku .. setia sungguh mu bersamaku >< miahaha . 

N I’m surely gonna miss you all …

Friday, 23 December 2011

congratulations :)

Congrats to ALL PMR candidates 2011 . to those who didin’t achieve the target , don’t give up ! SPM still waiting . our journey didn’t ends here right ? I bet ini akn jadi pengajaran utk kite semua n ‘speret’ utk kite struggle utk SPM :)

so , whatever you got , TAHNIAH !!! at least kite dah try utk jwb yg TERBAIK . eh, no no .. TERbaik = tak sengaje baik . SEHABIS BAIK :) 

These are my S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S :D

from left : MEERA(4A4B) , MIEZA(7A1B) , EMYRA(7A1B) , DINIE HANUM(8A) , UMI(8A) , DIYANA(8A) , ME(8A) , DAYAH(6A2B) , CIKPAH(6A2B) .  

Congrats to you babes :) at first semua result trial memang tak memuaskan (except dinie la) then, kite struggle same-2 , study group same-2 , Alhamdulillah , result semua cemerlang :D

To budak-2 rks jugaa, TAHNIAH :D 

pidot , nash , milin , scape , syafiq , alip , gent , yafiq , aris , amir , khas , adie , afifi , amirul izwan , nazman , azim , amir hafizin , syahmi , hareez , n lain-2 .. 

by khas , hareez , syafiq , amir , meor dinie .. thanks a lot :) 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Unexpected RESULTS ! yikks XD

hey guys ,

Alhamdulillah …. Rezeki Allah bagi :) saya dapat straight A’s ! memang tak sangka kot dapat result mcm ni . thank god ! finally , saya dpt tebus balik kesalahan time UPSR dulu n TRIAL PMR hanya lah 2A6B huhu . 

Cus time UPSR dulu .. trial , 5A but then , UPSR sbenar ? 3A2B je kott ! mmg the biggest mistake I’ve ever had . ==” actually , it was sumsort like ‘emotional interruption’ . huu ~

anyway , that was a HISTORY . today I make a new one that can make both of my parents proud of their ONLY daughter . not just my parents , beside , my grandparents cus I am the FIRST granddaughter :D ngeheee ~ but …. I wish my awesome-treesome-world-best-grandfather were still here with me . :’) I wanna share these good moments together .

“etok, I wish you were here . emy dpt straight A’s etok  ! I know I’ve made a mistake time upsr dulu . before you died, 3.7.2008 , I’d show you my trial result n you’re so so soo happy with it . u said , once I get my upsr result just the same wif my trial, u’re gonna take me to Jakarta . but, after u’re gone, I’ve disappointed u . I AM SO SORRY . tapi sekarang , everything change . if u’re still here, u’re the one whom I will hug tightly T^T n then we can go to aunty Ana’s house in Sydney kan etok ? :D hehe . you are my best teacher n my idol . you taught me how to speak English fluently , you taught me MATHS ! (the subject that I hate the most when in primary sch , now NO MORE ^^ ) THANK YOU etok . tqvm <3 “

N tak lupe jugakk kat 9siblings saya , result diorang pon bagus :D congrats babes ^^ I’m proud of u all . next year, when aku pindah , korang jgn lupe aku ok ? aku syg nak tinggalkan CONVENT actually tapi … neither mrsm or tengku kurshiah . hm , korang take care ok ? blajar rajin-2 . :’)

from left : dyana , dayah , cikpah , meera , mieza n me .
from left : dayah, dyana, umi, mieza n me .
me, meera, dayah, dyana, umi, myra, mieza .
Btw, I would like to thanked all those ppl who help me . especially my FAMILY, TEACHERS , SIBLINGS n FRIENDS . tqvm <3

Most of all , thank you ALLAH ~ 

Monday, 19 December 2011


Opah saya cakap, cinta pd waktu-2 sekarang namenye ‘CINTA MONYET’ [ tak sangka monyet pun bercinta ;D LOL ]  tapi … adakah cinta yg dimaksudkan itu xkan kekal ? saya tidak tahu . itu semua TAKDIR ~ FAITH

Ok , its true saya pernah jatuh cinta n pernah bercinta . dgn … capital M bukan nme sbenar . :P kwn-2 saya pnggil dye Mr. M . he’s smart, he’s cool, he's cute, he’s caring, he’s everything to me . He’s My World ~ hehew :3

But sometimes, saya tersedar, siapa saya pd dia ? does he really really love me like i love him ? does the word ILYSM really grow in his heart ? [well I believe he does . and I hope so it is !] 

Capital M , I want you to know that …….

And … 

Words can’t explain how much I love you . I could wait even how many years waiting for ya . I will never do the same mistake that I’ve done before . you’re my first love . :’)

#Kfine , saya jiwang XD hahahahahahahahahaha . tapi ni cerita betul k ? thanks for watching . bye :)


credits to : ahmad muzzammil -.-

Sunday, 18 December 2011

bring the boys out :P LOL

12.12.2011 . ok fine . memang la aku tak jadi nak hangout at first, sbb opah n mak aku nak balik kampung kat batu gajah . tapi ... tetibe diorang tukar fikiran pulak . aku agak bengang laa . kesian kawan-2 aku , aku ckp mcm keling dgn diorang . huu ,
but that’s not the deal . mak aku still pergi ipoh cus ade kursus . ayah aku pulak ade meeting . great, now I got no transport nak pergi !

so, pagi tu aku tanye la Diyana , jadi ke nak tgk ombak rindu ? last-2 aku pergi dgn diyana n mak dye .. tengok OMBAK RINDU ! best woo ~ menangis-nangis . but takde la over sgt kann ? aku tgk AARON AZIZ tu yg menangis tuh . bhahaha . XD *gilaa . 

tapi serious cerita tu mcm ade kaitan je . mmg la last skali maya karin bahagia dgn aaron . tapi , lisa ? kesian kott dye . dari kecik suka kat aaron . humm , perasaan dipermainkan . kalau tak cinta, ckp la tak cinta, HABIS CERITA ! (*sorry terOVER LOL XD . gila menjiwai nih . dang !)

ok , once habis cerita tu, diyana pon dah balik . aku join nash and the geng , ya, tunggu mcD half n hour sorang-2 mcm org dumb -.- hihik . pastu pegi makan kat tesco . aku kan diet . (diet la sgt) then, diorang pergi POOL >< [tempat tu Nampak scary bagi aku . seriously, takot kot nak masuk ! tapi nasib tak ramai, aku pun mmbranikan diri, memandangkan takde tmpat lain nak pergi . kaaannnn?]

teringin jugak nak main pool . tapi nanti lah . hewhew . :3
habis tu, dah taktawu nk pergi mne, aku ajak diorang pergi karok . kali ni baru aku nyanyi, kalau hangout aku rase malas nk nyanyi …

list kawan-2 aku hangout hari ni :- 

  • Nashrul Ashraff
  • Syahmi Syazwan
  • Hanafi
  • Hareez
  • Khairul Amilin
  • Diyana
  • Mak Diyana 

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Thousand Oppologize !

isnin 12/12/2011 - aku supposely hangout dgn kawan-2 aku kat Taiping Sentral . tgk Ombak Rindu ! huwaaaaaa ~ T.T


weh, sorry taw ? :(

L O V E ? what a funny punch line ? XD

LOVE ? What is L.O.V.E ?

CINTA ? Apa itu C.I.N.T.A ?

HAHA. I love you . who ? you ! me ? yess, you ! me ha ? no its you ! you ? no ! me ? me! Me !

Ok stop !

Love defines …..
# family love . I love you mum , dad , sis , bro , …..
# platonic love = friendship love .
# true love . TRUE love .. not FAKE !

Its okay if you got these feelings . everybody deserve to fall inlove, to love, being love .. its not the weirdo thing in life ! :D chill . 

First LOVE ?

S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S. :)

I got 8 beautiful amazing siblings since 2011 .  check this out :

dye ratu JIWANG XD . tak tawu la knape dye ni suke ckp pasal mati-2 . dye tempat aku curhat . n dye slalu bagi nasihat yg useful, boleh digunapakai :P hee, thanks . ILY siput :)

dye GILA-GILA XD . tak habis-2 hikhokk hikhokk (oo) . erhh . dye suka brterus-trang . naughty :P suka hati dye je nak buat ape . haha . ILY rangka :)

Dye ratu CHILL XD . semua org curhat kat dye ! u’re a great listener sbb tu semua curhat kt hang kott . tapi aku dah bnyk susahkn dye ni .. ngee , sorry . ILY pah :)

dye ratu NANGIS XD . dye ni, nangis je keje dye n geng dgn si umi suke ckp psal mati . dye slalu jugak aku curhat , n dpt feedbacks yg brguna :D thanks . ILY lady D :)

dye ratu BISING XD . no no , ratu FESYEN XD . w’pun dye agak bising, tapi prihatin . thanks slalu nasihat aku . ILY hunn :)

dye LEMAH-LEMBUT XD . dye ni memang .. lemah-lembut , sopan-santun ~ [gaya haziq] haha . dye ni terer maths ! pape rujuk dye kayh ? ILY mieza :)

dye TAYLOR SWIFT MALAYSIA XD . mama kami :D dye cute, pandai, stylish, most important fact .. pandai MASAK ! kalau rase muffin dye …. Uumm, sedap bangat ! ILY dinie :)

dye COOL XD . ape-2 pon …. ‘relekss jerr’ hehe . dye agak pendiam, n sgt baik ! suke buat lawak ! yg pasti . ILY dayaa :)

Last but not least , its me . aku ratu apa ? ratu SS [Syok Sendiri] sbb semua artist lelaki handsome-2, comel-2 aku ckp scandal aku ! wakaka XD nasib laa . haha . geng aku semua dah muak dah dgr perkataan ‘SCANDAL’ n ‘SUGARDADDY’ . kih3 :D

WE ARE WHO WE ARE . we are the 9 S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S.<3 kami selalu hangout sama-2, duduk rehat satu meja, yg penting … SHARE STORIES/GOSSIPS same-2 ! jyeah ! ada yg gaduh-2, biase laa, name pon siblings .. tapi gaduh tanda saying, nasihat tanda kami inginkan yg terbaik utk anda . kan kan kaaannn ? if nanti, ada antara kita yg pindah, jgn la lupakan aku n siblings-2 lain disini k ? slalu contact-2 yea ?  ilappchiu all larh ! muachh <3 

boys friends :D

ok , post ni pasal kawan-2 lelaki aku . overall sume budak King Edward .


anak pak jabir ni kawan sye . dye cute, dye macho, (yeke? :3) dye baik, n kuat touching .. :P suare dye sedap woo ! hee,
#p/s : tak boleh ckp bnyk-2 sbb dye budak HOT , nnt tak pasal-2 kne spam pulokk :P *joking . ramai org admire biase laa ~ hee, tapi saya syg sama dia . ilysm dinie :)

ni bestie saya . ok ok, he’s my ex. I cpl dgn dye only a month . maybe we are not meant to be together as a couple, but we still can be friends don’t we ? I’m so so soo sorry, I should tell u earlier bout my feelings be4 we cpl kann ? hmm, dihantui dgn rase bersalah until now. Tapi, forget bout it for awhile . kite still kwn kan? I wanna be yr bestie . iloveyou kawan :)


(right) ni pun bestie saya . (muka dye mcm cham dawson sikit) tapi comel ! dye agak pendiam . huhu , iloveyou jugak kawan :)

(left) ni pun bestie saya, amir !! hewhew . a k-pop fans . best kwn dgn dye, dye baik .dye minat donghae n soo young . iloveyou buddy :)

ok, dye ni feelings tak dpt digambar & dijangkakan . mood dye juga begitu . susah nak mastermind dye ni . HAHA . hey kwn, pape pon aku syg hg. Jage kawan aku elok-2 yea ;)

dye ni pun budak HOT ! dye bestie saya . slalu jugak la jadi geng hangout dgn dye . seronok dpt kenal hg fizie . kite kenal since form2 en? Baru skarang rapat, ok, thanks sudi jadi kwn aku. ily hg jugak :)

sup gembell ! HAHA XD *joking . Mr. KNOW IT ALL :P aku pun kenal dye ni dari kawan-2 aku . seronok jugak kawan dgn dye ni. star rugby ! Kalau rampage pon seronok . kalau kalah dye mesti ‘’daa~ whatever~’’ -.- kalau rampage dgn sape-2 dye mesti nak join jugak . werkk :P anyway, syg kau jugak kawan .. nak lagu yg updated? Tanya sama dia . :D

crew 3RKS – saya pun taktawu sejak bile ntah boleh rapat kenal-2 dgn derang ni …
nashrul ashraff (abg long), alif izzani, aris budiman, aswad, firdaus zainuddin, khairul amilin, hadi asnawi, firdaus zaidisyahmi syazwan, amir hafizin, azim shah, afifi,….

derang memang happening giler ar ! dah la pandai pulak tu . wuuuishh ~ best dpt kenal-2 derang ni :D

selain derang, ade jugak ..
Hasif Faisal, Hakimi, Izuddin, Pidoz, Kuhai, Raja, JOE, Daud, Syed,  Aliff, Syahen, Amirul Aizat, Hilmi, n lain-2 . 

 #p/s : sorry kalau terkasar bahasa . n sorry ambil pict tak mintak izin

 thank you :) 

by : aimi khairina

Friday, 9 December 2011

budak koleq :P

this post pasal budak-2 koleq yg aku kenal .

dye budak HOT jugak . tapi friendly .. dye tag aku kat video lazy song derang tekejut den . dye budak sarawak tapi duduk kl .
first boy yg aku rapat, 
aku kenal dye since awal tahun form2 . dye x sombong, dye atlet skolah, 
adik aku ckp dye lari laju gilaa ! well done bro :D
ni ibrahim . i got inspiration nak buat blog dari dye laa . blog dye smart siot ! dye ade tulis cerita pasal 'murderer' . dye memang pandai tulis cerita . selalu masuk pertandingan essay, ade satu malam tu suruh aku tolong dye, haishh , aku bukan pro english sgt . haha . muka kau stok apek :P
ingatkan dye ni sombong, ye laa .. HOT ! muka cute . tapi dye friendly . adik aku ckp dye basketballer , senior yg paling happening ! most important, #big fan of Yoona snsd . lol :P

dye ni pun friendly giler . suka kawan dgn dye. haha .

yang lain-2 pon FRIENDLY la jugak :D
Ed Esmadee (taylor swift fan), Fadhli Sabri, Ajwad Husnizaim, Danial Aizam, Amirul Halim, Amsyar Rahim,..

here is a video of the LAZY SONG the one that Amsyar Rahim tag me in . it was performed by the form3 batch 0913 during teacher's day . check this out ... totally AWESOME ! XD