Thursday, 29 December 2011

Actual Reason

Hye guys . nak tahu tak actual reason kenape saya semangat, speret nak pegi boarding school ? à

·       For my goodness sake . solat cukup, tak wasting time online nor watching tv, study-3, makan pun kenyang, tidur lena punyaa, most important BERDIKARI . that’s wht my family want all these while . hihik .

·       My mum ask to . as I said, she wants to see me bcome a better person :)

·       Experience . I’ve heard many ppl said that it was totally fun staying there . we are surrounded by a bunch of good friends :3

·       Quarrel . when I’m there, I don’t have to quarrel with my nasty little brotha XD but I don’t give a dang !

·       Lastly, ACTUALLY, I wanna be far away from him . I don’t know why but .. erhh . let it be .. I just dunno how to explain,  but deep inside my heart it says “u better take TKC so u can be FAR FAR AWAY from him :’)” I’m sorry , ilysdm but it has to be . herm :/ i hope u'll be happy with your SCANDAL . kbye .

Ok . forget bout it .. atleast I got 2-3 months staying at CONVENT ! yayyy ! XD

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