Saturday, 31 December 2011

Azam Tahun Baru

Guess what today is 1st January 2012 ! say hi to the new year ! yeahh !

2011 was a great year to me . I’ve been through sweetest memories, sadest moment, complicated time .. but for me I got the sweetest moment over the sadest moment . what a life ! XD alhamduillah ~

but I’m hoping this year would be better than those years . InsyaAllah ~ let the past years be historical to us, forget those sadest thing, remember the memorable time :)

What to do, its all faith ~ takdir ~ terime je laa seadanye . learn from the mistake . :D

Hm, azam thun baru ? well, just like other students wish for . BELAJAR RAJIN-2 n MAKE MY PARENTS PROUD :) n try not to DISOBEY their order .. (like I did before) be more PATIENCE ! last but not least … never couple until SPM . THINK STUDY ! hehe , yaa, I don’t want, I won’t repeat the same mistake .
Its not that I wanna wait for someone or what ok ! hm, jodoh ditangan Tuhan , I don’t give a dang la kalau kau nak ambik or rampas dye pon . (I do care, but uh, WHATEVER ~)
up to you all la nk ckp ape pon , biar la aku jelous korang cple sweet-2 ke, janji aku takkan cple . hua3 . XD unless lah kalau zayn malik ajak cpl kann ? :P miahaha (OFC NO)

Ok-2 that’s all . hm, I wanna apologize if I did something that you don’t like, hurt your feelings, offended you .. I’m so sorry .
You know, NOBODY’S PERFECT . so, let us forgive n forget ok ? love ya :)

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