Thursday, 29 December 2011

mama .

Happy Birthday Mama :)

28/12/2011 – I almost forgot that today is my mother’s birthday . haiyoo ~ aimi aimi . >< haha . but nvm . usually we didn’t celebrate it today . we celebrate it with akmal (3/1) n khairy (7/1) . so, let just wait for your present k mama?  hehe .
I didn’t decide yet what to give actually , but I wanna something meaningless .

hm , anyway, I know the meaningless thing that u wanted from me was a SUCCESS !  indeed I gt that result for you . and u want me to go to a boarding school n ya, I agree with that . but I can’t make up my mind which boarding sch to go . :/ so, whatever your choice, I follow :) for goodness sake right ?

ok mama, emy akn blajar rajin-2 , tak kesah skolah mane pun . I know STF will burden you , besides, we didn’t hve any relatives nor we can’t afford duit minyak every week ape sume kan ? its ok, I understand . I want the best for me n you . that’s all . :’)

do me a favor, kalau emy msuk mrsm taiping, or wherelse near, mama no need lah dtg stiap minggu tau ? mcm mama slalu tgk abg ngah kt koleq tu ..
hehe, thanks :D I LOVE YOU MAMA <3”

teluk batik :)
at Bubba Gump Sunway Pyramid :D
at Mid Valley, christmas time ..
kenduri kenduri :3

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