Thursday, 22 December 2011

Unexpected RESULTS ! yikks XD

hey guys ,

Alhamdulillah …. Rezeki Allah bagi :) saya dapat straight A’s ! memang tak sangka kot dapat result mcm ni . thank god ! finally , saya dpt tebus balik kesalahan time UPSR dulu n TRIAL PMR hanya lah 2A6B huhu . 

Cus time UPSR dulu .. trial , 5A but then , UPSR sbenar ? 3A2B je kott ! mmg the biggest mistake I’ve ever had . ==” actually , it was sumsort like ‘emotional interruption’ . huu ~

anyway , that was a HISTORY . today I make a new one that can make both of my parents proud of their ONLY daughter . not just my parents , beside , my grandparents cus I am the FIRST granddaughter :D ngeheee ~ but …. I wish my awesome-treesome-world-best-grandfather were still here with me . :’) I wanna share these good moments together .

“etok, I wish you were here . emy dpt straight A’s etok  ! I know I’ve made a mistake time upsr dulu . before you died, 3.7.2008 , I’d show you my trial result n you’re so so soo happy with it . u said , once I get my upsr result just the same wif my trial, u’re gonna take me to Jakarta . but, after u’re gone, I’ve disappointed u . I AM SO SORRY . tapi sekarang , everything change . if u’re still here, u’re the one whom I will hug tightly T^T n then we can go to aunty Ana’s house in Sydney kan etok ? :D hehe . you are my best teacher n my idol . you taught me how to speak English fluently , you taught me MATHS ! (the subject that I hate the most when in primary sch , now NO MORE ^^ ) THANK YOU etok . tqvm <3 “

N tak lupe jugakk kat 9siblings saya , result diorang pon bagus :D congrats babes ^^ I’m proud of u all . next year, when aku pindah , korang jgn lupe aku ok ? aku syg nak tinggalkan CONVENT actually tapi … neither mrsm or tengku kurshiah . hm , korang take care ok ? blajar rajin-2 . :’)

from left : dyana , dayah , cikpah , meera , mieza n me .
from left : dayah, dyana, umi, mieza n me .
me, meera, dayah, dyana, umi, myra, mieza .
Btw, I would like to thanked all those ppl who help me . especially my FAMILY, TEACHERS , SIBLINGS n FRIENDS . tqvm <3

Most of all , thank you ALLAH ~ 

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