Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Forget Me Not :')

Yesterday, starting at 10 – 12.30 p.m. I locked myself in my room . guess what am I doing ?

Sitting on my bed and crying alone T^T . I was thinking about convent friends n teachers n also not to forget, SIBLINGS ! yaa, the vid that were made by EMYRA IZZATY made me broke into tears ~

Suddenly, I got a new text from Mr. Nobody . he said all the best in a new school ..
dear mr. nobody, I can’t bare to lose you from my life . seriously ! i’m scared, what if you’ll forget me ? I don’t care if you wanna go for that girl, I don’t have the right to stop you . it just that I CAN’T EASILY FORGET YOU . that’s all . :’)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I wish I could turn back the time and being THE OLD ME who lives happily with only one boy .. and the time where I MADE FRIENDS n JOKING AROUND with some of the koleq boys (which we doesn’t have that kind of ‘feelings’ on one another .

Not that I don’t like the time where I get to know the boys, but em ,.. I like to know them just AS FRIENDS . why must they express their feelings towards me ? ok, I like them, n we also have the right to LIKE them don’t we ? but .. the matter is, I don’t love them as my heart r not with them . 

in a nutshell, I LOVE THEM AS FRIENDS ~

oh god, pleaaaseee ~ this thing just making my life SO MISERABLE ! >< guess I’m in a misery right now -.-

so, world, I’ve made up my mind … Nuraimi Khairina Bt Yasmin is going to be SINGLE until SPM 2013 :)
[after that? Please don’t ask . I don’t have AN ANSWER right now . hope you understand . TQ]

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Think STUDY :)
Why Can't YOU Understand ?

So Fuckin' HURTS :')


trust me :)

for you I didn’t know how your friends react . different people got different perspective ,
but for me , ALL MY FRIENDS r forever , they stay in my HEART <3

I <3 U

Willl You Promise ME ?

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Goodbye my dearest school :’(

I’m gonna miss you, A LOT ! we’ve been together since I’m in standard 1 . your name always be heard by whoever ask me “where do you study at?” PROUDLY I reply, “CONVENT TAIPING!”  because you are the best ! maybe for those who’s studying at MRSM or SBP, they would probably thought.. “ala, convent x hebat mane pon” -.- you all didn’t know . we are 2 in 1 . we can make the excellent in study n sports equally organized . besides, we’ve got the great leadership :) thanks to all teacher who have guided me before . JASAMU KUKENANG :’)

ya, I admit I was thrilled when I got to know that I got SERATAS . firstly, that morning, breakfast time, mum ask me, “emy kalau dapat seratas nak pergi ke?” then I reply “tak tawu lah” then I left the table to wait for my taxi’s driver, pak cik din .

at school, atikah came n she said she got SERATAS . but she didn’t know wanna go or not . well, I said to her “ya, seratas pon SAMA TARAF je dgn convent, cume dye ade hostel” . when I arrived at home, I quickly turn on the computer n check for mrsm n sbp .

mrsm they said “TIDAK BERJAYA” haha XD guess, my cable not strong enough :P lol . furthermore, I only get 2a’s in trial exam . 2A’s ! HAHAHAHA . ofc la I won’t get . my friend, only FATIN NABILLAH n PUTERI NUR NATASHA (both got mrsm melaka) . KHASNOR n HAREEZ also got mrsm , but don’t know where? :/ hm, anyway, CONGRATS to all of you :)

SYAFIQ KHAIRI n FIRDAUS ZAINUDDIN got SM Sains Tapah (where my dad had transferred there be4 he went to tengku menteri)
SYAHMI SYAZWAN n AMIR HAFIZIN – SM Syed Sheh Shahabudin(semset)
FIRDAUS ZAIDI – SM Sains Tuanku Munawir (saser negeri Sembilan)
ARIS BUDIMAN – SM Sains Alam Shah
FATIHAH KHALID – SBP kt negeri sembilan (I dunno)

FATIN MASTURA – SBP Integrasi Gopeng

To those who get, I want to say ,


To those who didn’t get, don’t regret . maybe it’s not our faith . sooner or later you’ll get what you want . Take it easy guys ! it’s actually not about school nor the teachers . it’s about US . WE R THE ONE WHO CHANGED OURSELVES . NOT THEY :)

Think like a LADY, Act like a MAN

If I were A Boy …

I can do anything I wanna do . I can hangout wherever I want . I can be FRIEND with many girls . I don’t have to waste my TEARS . I also can exchange partners -.- . is it true ? hmm :/

But when I grow up, it surely be a though test of life for me, if I were a boy :P

So, here, I want to say that I’m grateful to be a girl . :)

but I’m a little scared to break the boys feeling . I mean, how r we going to tell ‘em that .. we cannot accept them not bcus they r not perfect or what, it just .. that our loves is for someone else :[
We have the right to LIKE many boys, but we don’t have the right to LOVE many boys aren’t we ?

To ALL the GIRLS out there ,

 And to BOYS,


Saturday, 14 January 2012

worst hangout ._.


Hangout yg paling … err … bosan? [kind of] tak seronok? [absolutely!] make me pokai? [yepp ><] seronok? [ade scene yg best lah..]

tak sangke jadi mcm ni hari ni ! maybe sbb ade org tu’ kowt .. WTH ! mmg aku agak bengang jugak la dgn budak tu’ ! takpe-2 sabar aimi, sabar .. dye still kwn aku forever no matter what . cume nak ckp, kawan pun tak payah OVERBOARD sgt lah kann ?

Thanks to YOU ! who makes my day worthly :)

Kpd, dinie, irwan, amir, khasnor, milin, adie,… sorry la sbb tak layan korang sgt . I mean, sye just senyap je time hangout dgn korang . actually sye nak lepak-2, sembang-2 je dgn korang tapi entah la, geng sye ramai sgt . hehe .. lgipon mase sikit sgt . sorry ~ takpe la, kalau panjang umur kite jumpe lagi :)

In the karaoke room ,.
Nak vip sgt, ambik kau rm60+ . :/ hah . sukaty mu le … aku sedekah je laa kan duit tu  :) hmm, then, sorang demi sorang kluar . later, aku , pah n ika pun kluar jugakk . bcus ntah la ,, tetibe je aku CRY . ==” I don’t know y . so, we decide utk jalan-2 , lepak-2 , sembang je .. WAHH , WHAT A RELIEVE tak payah dduk dlm bilik yg …hmm :’)

The best part time dkt tesco mkn kek n duduk kat a&w je sbb boleh sembang-2 dgn budak-2 hostel :D other than that … ?? WORST ! -.- 

Budak-2 hostel , saya nak mintak maaf k pasal kes tu ? mintak maaf sgt-2 :’[ takpe lah, lupakan ok ? saya tak kesah dah pun . i’ll change . thanks cus let me know what r my mistakes . let’s start over :) kite kawan kann ? thanks la semua dah bagi saya happy slame ni . korang mmg the best la ! 

hmm , kbye :’)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Back To School !

Setelah menjalani hari-2 cuti yg membosankan , akhirnye balik ke sekolah yg tercinta ! (tercinta lah sgt) hm, mule-2 rase malas nak masuk skolah .. tapi mlm tu tetibe rase excited pulakk ! HAHA .

First day…
Memang semua mcm jakun tak pernah tgk org . :P jumpe dlm Dewan Konsert berpeluk-2an bagai .. (mcm 3 tahun x jumpe kann?)  yeah . now we’re in the SENIOR YEARS ! oh yeahh !!!! tapi kena start all over again . lupekan history pmr dulu . next target ,.. SPM ~ [another 3 double-scary-alphabet ! ]

first day, cikgu kaunseling, pn. Nurulhuda bagi taklimat, bla bla bla n all that . after recess orientasi lagi . kali ni kena isi borang  Inventori Minat Kerjaya . ape yg sesuai dgn kite future nanti .. hm.

The best part .. semua lekat kertas kosong dkt blakang . then, jalan-2 lah satu dewan. Lpastu  main tulis-2 kerjaya ape yg sesuai dgn muke kwn kite . LOL XD macam-2 ! haha . aku dpt nurse, fashion designer, model? -.-, teacher, nurse, mathematician, akauntan, model terkenal, guru besar ! haha . adoiyy,.. macam-2 ! yg tak tahan nye, UMI semua tulis Ustazah Pilihan kat dia ! wakaka XD aku tulis kt dia, ‘’ARTIS BERKONTROVERSI’’ hehe, gurau-2 je laa :D no hard feelings babe :)

Ok, that was the first day, yg x best nye, mak aku ambik pukul 4 ! kenyataannye aku balik pkul 2 ok ! ><

2nd day …
Hmm, sebelum rehat cikgu semua briefing pasal subject-2 .. kenape lah convent ade dua pilihan je ? SC n VT ! oaarrrgghh ~ but for sure ak pilih sc .. hopefully boleh bwk laa :D
Lepas rehat pulak, pn. Mariam, PK HEM ( yg akn transfer DB next week T^T ) bgi taklimat skit pasal system baru ! SISTEM MERIT DEMERIT ! wow . SUKAAA SANGAT ! :/ mmg bertambah la kerja prefect selepas ni ! adoiyy -.-

Its ok, its ok .. lepas sesi brsame pengetua yg taklimat pasal ‘TIME MANAGEMENT’ , trus pergi meeting pengawas pulak . 1 hour 30 minutes . wow . sakit buntut woo duduk lama-2 ! ==” hmm .. tak lain x bukan system merit demerit tu laa . prefect sume kne perfect ! yg paling penting ….. tak boleh kutuk-2 cikgu or skolah dlm fb ! or else potong markah . bgi prefect pulak, potong markah + LUCUT JAWATAN ! goshh -.- cepat-2 laa aku pindah, buat salah sikit kne potong markah . hehew . tapi yg best, melawan atau mengancam pengawas kena potong markah juge ! SUKA SUKAA XD haha . weh, hampa tak boleh buli aku k ! padan muke . huhu . *takde laa :P

Ok tu je, lepas prefect meeting terus pegi tusyen dgn baju skolah . dangg ! segan kowt .. herr . tu je laa . penat giloo hari kedua ! ><

3rd day ..
PEMBAHAGIAN KELAS . first umum name diyana, dayah, cikpah, n emyra . untung la diorang satu kelas ! dgn budak-2 lain yg HAPPENING pulak tuh ! 4sc4 . hm . --. Lepas tu pulak name dinie hanum diumumkan kelas 4sc1 . kelas pandai :) next, name aku diumumkan , hm, bagi 4sc2 ! tapi nasib ade UMI !!! fuhh ~ ade la geng tapi class tu bunyi cricket jea -.- semua senyap ! tak gempak mcm 3k2 dulu dah ! hmm :(

aku memang dari form1 lah class kedua . nasib-2 . 1rk2, 2rk2, 3k2 n 4sc2 . Alhamdulillah laa ~ tapi hopefully tahun ni gempak la jugak mcm tahun-2 sebelumnye . guru kelas Pn. LIM ^^

hm, masuk kelas, mesyuarat agung. aku prefect so malas la nak ambik jawatan ape-2 dah . tetibe dapat KETUA KECERIAAN . untunglaa ~ umi pulak gi ckp .. ‘cikgu, aimi aimi ! dye ceria ! HAHAHA ‘ >< [ceria la sgt umi oii!] LOL . tambah beban aku lah ! dah la pengawas pun ade tugas baru , MERIT DEMERIT ape kejadah tu ! erh -.- anwy, aku pindah nanti so, aku akan cube sedaya upaya utk memberikan yg terbaik untuk CONVENT ! haha . (poyo :P) ok that’s all :D