Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I wish I could turn back the time and being THE OLD ME who lives happily with only one boy .. and the time where I MADE FRIENDS n JOKING AROUND with some of the koleq boys (which we doesn’t have that kind of ‘feelings’ on one another .

Not that I don’t like the time where I get to know the boys, but em ,.. I like to know them just AS FRIENDS . why must they express their feelings towards me ? ok, I like them, n we also have the right to LIKE them don’t we ? but .. the matter is, I don’t love them as my heart r not with them . 

in a nutshell, I LOVE THEM AS FRIENDS ~

oh god, pleaaaseee ~ this thing just making my life SO MISERABLE ! >< guess I’m in a misery right now -.-

so, world, I’ve made up my mind … Nuraimi Khairina Bt Yasmin is going to be SINGLE until SPM 2013 :)
[after that? Please don’t ask . I don’t have AN ANSWER right now . hope you understand . TQ]

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