Saturday, 21 January 2012


Goodbye my dearest school :’(

I’m gonna miss you, A LOT ! we’ve been together since I’m in standard 1 . your name always be heard by whoever ask me “where do you study at?” PROUDLY I reply, “CONVENT TAIPING!”  because you are the best ! maybe for those who’s studying at MRSM or SBP, they would probably thought.. “ala, convent x hebat mane pon” -.- you all didn’t know . we are 2 in 1 . we can make the excellent in study n sports equally organized . besides, we’ve got the great leadership :) thanks to all teacher who have guided me before . JASAMU KUKENANG :’)

ya, I admit I was thrilled when I got to know that I got SERATAS . firstly, that morning, breakfast time, mum ask me, “emy kalau dapat seratas nak pergi ke?” then I reply “tak tawu lah” then I left the table to wait for my taxi’s driver, pak cik din .

at school, atikah came n she said she got SERATAS . but she didn’t know wanna go or not . well, I said to her “ya, seratas pon SAMA TARAF je dgn convent, cume dye ade hostel” . when I arrived at home, I quickly turn on the computer n check for mrsm n sbp .

mrsm they said “TIDAK BERJAYA” haha XD guess, my cable not strong enough :P lol . furthermore, I only get 2a’s in trial exam . 2A’s ! HAHAHAHA . ofc la I won’t get . my friend, only FATIN NABILLAH n PUTERI NUR NATASHA (both got mrsm melaka) . KHASNOR n HAREEZ also got mrsm , but don’t know where? :/ hm, anyway, CONGRATS to all of you :)

SYAFIQ KHAIRI n FIRDAUS ZAINUDDIN got SM Sains Tapah (where my dad had transferred there be4 he went to tengku menteri)
SYAHMI SYAZWAN n AMIR HAFIZIN – SM Syed Sheh Shahabudin(semset)
FIRDAUS ZAIDI – SM Sains Tuanku Munawir (saser negeri Sembilan)
ARIS BUDIMAN – SM Sains Alam Shah
FATIHAH KHALID – SBP kt negeri sembilan (I dunno)

FATIN MASTURA – SBP Integrasi Gopeng

To those who get, I want to say ,


To those who didn’t get, don’t regret . maybe it’s not our faith . sooner or later you’ll get what you want . Take it easy guys ! it’s actually not about school nor the teachers . it’s about US . WE R THE ONE WHO CHANGED OURSELVES . NOT THEY :)

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