Saturday, 21 January 2012

Think like a LADY, Act like a MAN

If I were A Boy …

I can do anything I wanna do . I can hangout wherever I want . I can be FRIEND with many girls . I don’t have to waste my TEARS . I also can exchange partners -.- . is it true ? hmm :/

But when I grow up, it surely be a though test of life for me, if I were a boy :P

So, here, I want to say that I’m grateful to be a girl . :)

but I’m a little scared to break the boys feeling . I mean, how r we going to tell ‘em that .. we cannot accept them not bcus they r not perfect or what, it just .. that our loves is for someone else :[
We have the right to LIKE many boys, but we don’t have the right to LOVE many boys aren’t we ?

To ALL the GIRLS out there ,

 And to BOYS,


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