Monday, 12 March 2012



I am a ‘bird’ who continue my migration into this school . well, I was new here so I can’t say much about this school .

On my opinion, of course Convent Taiping is better . in fact , last year (2011) it become the best CONVENT SCHOOL among all the convent school in Malaysia just because of the PMR result . hermm ...

unfortunately, it was PMR . when it comes to SPM , its different . SCHOLARSHIP . MARA, JPA, ?  they r looking forward to SBP n MRSM students . all of these MRSM n SBP students were already given advantages to get those scholarship whether MARA nor JPA . they all will be sending to a university .
its not that other ordinary-not-a-boarding-school  won’t be able to get those scholarship .. they will get a scholarship but they must be top among the rest .

so, be grateful if you get the chance to be an SBPians .
its not about how good the school is , its about how do you expressing yourself in that school .

for me, I am grateful I got seratas eventhough its not as good as the elite school like MCKK, STAR, STF, TKC, SSP, ALAM SHAH, SDAR n so on .. but, as long as it is a SBP . and yet I got many advantages staying here . because,…..

1.   you can reach my house if you drive for about 15 minutes . (that means every week I can go back home . but get back in sch before 6p.m.)
2.   the hostel is nice (not as bad as semesti ofc)
3.   the students can accept me so far . (especially the juniors . most r friendly)
4.   my prayers were under control . InsyaAllah i won’t miss my pray . hehe  
5.   most of the teachers r ‘guru cemerlang’ in their own subject . so, I get some of the benefits there .

Therefore, i’ll try to learn to be independent n learn how to appreciate people around us . so, don’t hate me when I was in that school . beside, please pray the best for me . ok? thanks :’)