Sunday, 10 February 2013

A year in SERATAS.

On the 31st January 2013, I’m officially 1 year stayed in SERATAS. I admit last year I’m so sick of staying here, in SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah. It was absolutely opposite  to Convent. I felt like I was locked in a cage ! no freedom ! >< and got certain time I felt like, “why I was here? If I was still in convent, I can do this, do that,… and bla, bla, bla…” and that moment when I miss all of my friends in convent. I miss my nines, my prefects friends, my super-duper-sporting-friendly seniors, my outgoing teachers and all of my friends ! seriously, they are so cool ! and I miss chit-chatting with my non-muslims friends.. L phei phei, bee yin, lian mei, tharishine, limau, thillai, leong, theva, asther and Kristal ! oh myy, I miss you guys so much ! >< I miss speaking and making punchline with them. [ in seratas, if you’re speaking, there will be so krukk krukk’ -.- typical seratas students ]

The Speaker’s Corner. I was the vice pres. and Nizar was the president. We must make sure everyday there is a person standing on the small stage and talk in front of the public during recess. Unfortunately, all of our work was useless! They did not support our effort of making seratas students can speak in English well and makes seratas stand as the same level as mckk, star, ssp, tkc and others. Why they can but seratas can’t? why? We are in the SBP too, We are intelligence too. But when it comes to English, why they are so scared of speaking it? Come on lah, you don’t have to be shy! You don’t have to care all those sarcasms. WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES ! ><
Okayy, that’s all about the creeping Speaker’s Corner . I felt like wanna burn it down to the core.

Now, welcome to the Senior Year!  I can’t believe I’m in the Form 5 right now XD omg omg ! Hahaha. So far, our relationship with form4 lama was good enough. In fact, we had that dumb streaming class made by mdm principal -.- (kejora, zuhrah, suria, musytari, waruna and Neptune) everyone hate that shitt streaming class you know! >< but nevamind, there’s many pros of streaming class actually. I was in 5 neptune and Alhamdulillah so far we are unite. Our class are the most incredible, happening, cool and of course, NAUGHTYYY  XD lol. The noisiest class of all. Hua3. ya lah, you can see, we have the KP, KB, prefects, mpp, librarians and others. I am pretty sure, 5 neptune will succeed like others too. insyaAllah~ please pray for us. 

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