Thursday, 14 February 2013

its about FEELINGS...

Hye there :)

Yesterday (13/2) was a chaos… There was a little conflict on Twitter and but today I’m glad everything has settled. :)

Today at 6.35 p.m. Syarifah came to my house. What we did was sharing stories. I told her about what had happened that night. And she shared hers too. She said,

“Dalam hidup ni ada 3 benda yang berbeza. Suka, Cinta & Sayang.

i.                   Suka – perasaan suka sama suka tak sekuat perasaan cinta & sayang. Suka sama suka. Itu normal. Semua orang pernah ada crush..
ii.                 Cinta – family love, platonic love or true love? Tapi cinta pun tak sekuat perasaan sayang. Kita akan kahwin dengan orang yang kita cinta suatu hari nanti. Kalau ada jodoh tak kemana. So ape perlu takut? Itu semua takdir.
iii.              Sayang – sayang ialah perasaan yang sangaaatt kuat. Yaa, kita sanggup lepaskan orang yang kita sayang demi untuk lihat dia bahagia :’) namun, perasaan sayang ni takkan hilang.. ”

Now, thanks Syarifah for all these explanation. Not all people can understand us. Only certain matured guys will understand. But at least, try!

And my feelings towards number 3 is the 1st. the feelings of number 2 & 3 were still not there. Perhaps sooner or later, depends on our faith. All I can say, its still a long journey to go. Am I right? So, at this time, let us be friends but special than friends but not a couple :) Thanks for all your kindness all these while. I’m grateful to know you ><

For my angels, I have the feeling of the 3rd  for you. IDK, it suddenly came across my heart that night when I cry. Remember? Its not my intension to cry.. but.. it suddenly drop. -.- but here I wanna say, I’m happy to see you happy, in the other hand I’m sorry for causing you trouble all these while. Unlucky you to meet me :’D Haha. Honestly said that I don’t wanna forget you. Please, that’s all. thanks for being my not-just-a-friend.

Lastly.. people, PLEASE THINK POSITIVE. And think before you talk. Everyone deserve a happy life.. live while we’re young guys ! and please don’t ask unrelevant question. May god bless you :) 

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