Friday, 15 February 2013


Know what? I just finished stalking a student from a girls SBP. Yeahh. How I wish I was in that school :( and how I wish I was still in an all-girls-school like Convent. If you weren’t in one of the girls school, you better don’t talk negative things about ‘em ! I MISS CONVENT !

Its not that I’m not grateful being in SERATAS.. I was. But at some times I felt like a little-eenie-meenie regret of not choosing the girls school  (such as SSP, SESERI, TKC, STF)  well you know, a boarding school of all-girls-school. I’m pretty sure it’s a way lot of fun !  truthly said that I am jealous of that girl, she was in SSP. And her school was damn nice ! and they are so enjoying their life there. You know, in a mix school there’s a limit of everything. We can’t having our CRAZY TIME for no reasons. why? Because we have boys in our school ! what did the girls do? Con con con.. -.- sometimes I felt tired of this, I want freedom. I get jealous seeing boys get their fun-doing-crazy-things with their friends. ==” (that’s a fact of mine. I felt like wanna join them but I was a girl. and I MUST BEHAVE.)

MAMA, I’M JEALOUS :( I wanna be in that kind of school.. but somehow I’m still grateful of being in SERATAS. In facts, I had experienced and having so much-fucking-time in CONVENT ever since I was in standard 1 untiiiiiiiillll form3. thanks a lot convent :) you taught me a lot of things! And so were the students. And I have a good relationship with other different races, One Malaysia babe ! :* we celebrate every festivals. We get to know diff. races through their festivals, that’s why we RESPECT EACH OTHERS. :)

Here, I wanna say “I am proud of being HALF CONVENT-girls and HALF SERATAS-ian :D” –tq- 

SERATAS-ian :)

CONVENT girls :)

i may have change, but my memories don't :)

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