Sunday, 10 February 2013

New Task!

PRS. Pembimbing rakan sebaya. Ohh I love this part. Last year I went for the interview to become one of the PRS (before I become the mpp) thank god I got it ^^ together with Aini Puasa, Wafi, Hazwani Amir, and Abe :D this year, we have to conduct the Orientasi for form1 and form4 baru. But mostly form1 lah. Oh myy, I’m so excited ! 2 weeks man! And we were playing with the form1 ^^ I’m so free of stress. Hewhew.  They are soooo cute! But the thing is, when it comes to malam bakat, I have to conduct Rajawali. Before this, azril, shida and bella, but now, only me, wafi and shida left. How are we going to conduct the mischievous group of all! >< what a chaos -..- in the end, we got the last place :’( sob3. and I feel so bad~ cause last year we were the champion, but this year? Ohh, is it my fault? :O I’ve done my best… hermm :/ forget bout that, now everyone are happy and everytime I met them, I’ll throw out a big smile :D so are they ! way to go aimi ! HA-HA. I loooooovvveeeee being with them ! :)

we are going for a walk ! weeeee~ ^^
me, aini n mira with haziq kutty in the bus (so k.p.c) :P hehe

Orientasi form1 . a visit to Hutan Paya Bakau.
doing the 'Tarian Jagung!' from left: dayah, qistina, me, aini, mieha, J !
the PRS team ! together with ustaz moh and cik zahirah.

a visit to the Perak Museum ! 
me and aini and a few form1 student heading to Bukit Larut!
we seems to be more excited than they are :P hehe. 
here comes the panda! (faiz azizi, the green coloured shirt) :P
[why am i 'menyerongin' like that -..-]
we are the PRS SUCA SUCA :D
from left : azril, me, dayah, mieha, J, shida, mira & najmi laying on the floor. 

MPP. Majlis perwakilan pelajar or Student Representative Council(SRC) . This is my priority. At first, I don’t really wanna join this b’cause its under Cikgu Roslan. Besides, the teachers and students respect LDP more than MPP. So, I am totally not interested at first. but, aini, piqa, nad and engku ask me to join the mpp. They said I can win one of the chairs. But I not yet decided which chairs I should take? There were high committee and the five excos. (exco media n hubungan luar, akademik, kebudayaan, kebajikan and sukan) I was about to choose exco media dan hubungan luar, but then engku said I should take the hi-com. He knew I will win if I take the vice-secretary. So, I agree to try my luck on vice-secretary. My secretary is Haikal Aziz. Hermm, I’ve going trough the election and Alhamdulillah, I win J thanks to those who support too ! so, here, I wanna say, I WILL DO MY VERY BEST TO REPRESENT THE STUDENTS AND SERATAS . tq J

#P/S : my BIGGEST task was to get 9A for SPM ! ><

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