Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Life: In PUO

Its been years since i didn't update this blog. I've been busy continue my study. My result for spm wasn't good enough. Somehow i managed to get into polytechnique. Puo, politeknik Ungku Omar Ipoh. Alhamdulillah, thankyou Allah for this oppurtunities. Ayah, mama, n to all my dearest people on earth, i'll try my best to achieve my dream, and be a good person. See, i've failed my spm, but i won't give up, i wanna give the best for my parents and to those people who wanted see me succeed. I don't wanna dissapoint anybody anymore. Alhmadulillah, my pointer for sem1 was beyond my expectation. Dean list, but its only for sem1, yet i can see a lil smiling in my parents heart. :) but this is not the end. I know Allah is testing me. I should've maintain the pointer every sem in order to achieve what i've been wanting all these while. Study abroad. My parents would dream the same. So readers, please pray for my succeed.. not only here, but hereafter. So, life in PUO was nice. You wouldn't feel stress like in the Uni life. As long as you enjoyed studying, it will be extremely awesome. I live with Nadshaa. My friend since high sch(seratas) but in sem 2, theres Fatin (johorean), Ira and Zati (penangites). So far we're good and can fit in other. Whereas in my class, there's 4 girls n 34 boys. Zu, sarah, n vinaasha were good mates. They were kind n may be very helpful sometimes :D i love being with them. I got a few crush too. Hihi. We'll talk about it later ok? I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight lil small world ^^